Formwork Wing Nut

SUCOOT, a leading manufacturer of high-quality formwork tie rod and wing nuts in Taiwan, possesses over 39 years of expertise in formwork products. Our extensive range of tie rod anchor nuts caters to different tie rod sizes, including 10mm, 12mm, 17mm (or D15), 21mm, 23mm (or D20), and more.

Ductile iron casting (JIS FCD450 ~ 500) and thread rolling are our specialized works. With ISO 9001-certified foundry and severe quality control, our formwork tie nuts have been exported in large volumes to Europe with a high appraisal. Our casting forged wing nut can meet the European standard.


”what are you looking for? ”

Our formwork wing nut tie rod are essential fastening devices used in construction, particularly in formwork systems. Typically used in conjunction with formwork tie rods, they secure and tighten formwork panels together, enabling them to withstand the pressure exerted during concrete pouring and curing. Ultimately, this ensures the desired shape and structure, making tie bar wing nuts critical for providing a strong and secure connection between formwork panels and tie rods.

Our formwork tie rod wing nuts are available in both self finish and zinc plating. They can be repeatedly used after unfastening. Featuring a wing-like design, our formwork wing nuts can be easily hand-tightened without the need for additional tools. The tie rod wing nut is threaded and can be adjusted to achieve the desired tension between the formwork panels.

In addition to our regular formwork tie rod wing nuts, SUCOOT also offers customization options for tie rod wing nut diameter, shape, and type, tailoring them to your specific needs. You can find dimensions for your anchor wing nuts with us. Contact us now to elevate your construction endeavors to new heights.