Top Beam

Top Beam is made of high-tensile galvanized steel sheet in Taiwan. Its strength is 25% better than that of the strongest wooden beam in the market. But it's not like the wooden beam with the disadvantages of water swelling and corrosion. It has excellent durability and can be repeated many times. Succot's Top Beam is one of the products designed to replace wood beams in vast range of civil and architectural projects. 

Upper Beam is an all-steel product. The scrapped one has a residual value and can be fully recycled. With Upper Beam, the material cost can be reduced and the competitiveness will be increased. And the harm to the global environment can be indirectly reduced. Fit with its special clamps, it can be the main bearer or second bearer for forming a variety of formwork systems, such as columns, walls, beams, slabs, or bridges.

By choosing Succot's Top Beam, the users can benefit from its superior strength, longevity, and eco-friendly attributes. It offers a reliable and efficient solution for formwork construction, promoting energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact. Please contact us to get further support and solutions.

  • Made from high strength, antirust galvanized steel.
  • Connect with plywood by a self-tapping screw or steel nails.
  • Long Life Span
  • Lightweight and usage versatility can be used in wide applications.
  • The load capacity is 25% stronger than the wood beam.
  • Steel beam for the first bearer and second bearer
  • Effective protection against moisture and UV radiation
  • Material: SGH490
  • Weight: Weight: 5.6 kg/m
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 50mm x t2.3mm
  • Lengths: 1.2m、1.5m、1.8m、2.4m、3.0m、3.6m、4.2m、4.5m、4.8m

※Available in lengths between 1.2m and 4.8m with 0.3m increment

  • ISO-9001
Test Report
  • Material Certification
  • Loading and Tension Test
  • Third Party Professional Lab

Engineering Properties:

  • E (Elastic Modulus) = 200 GPa
  • Fy (Yield Stress) = 365 MPa
  • Ixx (Moment of Inertia) = 175.4 cm4
  • Ma (Allowable Bending Moment) = 5.5 kNm
  • Va (Allowable Shear Force) = 17 kN