Ø60.2 T:3.2mm Shoring (Heavy Duty) Scaffolding

Heavy duty scaffold is the type for civil works, infrastructure. It’s compatible with various formwork types (traditional formwork, formwork system or steel panels) for a consummate design.

SUCOOT's heavy duty scaffolding is the go-to choice for civil works and infrastructure projects. It boasts compatibility with a variety of formwork types, including traditional formwork, formwork systems, or steel panels, ensuring a comprehensive and cohesive design. Our shoring system is renowned for its ability to assemble into formidable structures easily and swiftly, capable of withstanding the heaviest loads and conquering the most intricate projects.

SUCOOT's shoring scaffolding systems can be assembled on the ground, lifted and relocated by the crane, or mobilized with the casters placed at the bottom. Boost productivity on your construction site, creatively and effectively construct your projects.

Now choose SUCOOT for a steadfast foundation to your ambitious construction endeavors.

  • Vertical Connection Tolerance is within 1.8mm
    According to the test result, the loading can reach at least 94% when the maximum allowance is 1.8mm; whilst, if the other brand allowance is 3.0mm, the loading only can reach 50%. The higher the scaffold assembled, the less the loading can bear.
  • Vertical Connection is Through” Cross Section”, rather than “Point”.
    high-precision circular sawing machines to ensure the tubes are cut precisely. This allows for no visible gap between the tube connections, making the cross-sections of our tubes are perfectly smoothed.
  • Vertical Deviation at 0.3%
    It is on par with ACI 117-06, the permanent concrete structure which below 25.4m height, the vertical deviation need to be controlled within 0.3%, the less vertical deviation, the less influence on eccentric bending moment.
  • High Tensile Steel STK500 & Hot Dip Galv.
    The tubes are made of high tensile steel “STK500”, precise specification. All the components are hot dip galvanized for longevity use. Ring System Scaffolding complies with EN 12810-1 certification which is your reassurance that it is the best of the quality.
Vertical Main support of the entire system connected by Spigot.
  • Material: STK500
  • W/ Hot Dip Galv.
  • Length : 1.0m;1.5m;2.0m;3.0m
  • Pipe: Φ60.2mm×t:3.2mm
  • Distance between Rings:500mm
Horizontal To distribute force evenly between Verticals.
  • Material: STK500
  • W/ Hot Dip Galv.
  • Length : 0.6m;0.9m;1.5m;1.8m, 2.4m
    Other sizes are also available
  • Pipe:Φ48.6mm×2.3mm
Diagonal To enhance the load-carrying capacity and keep the entire system from deformation.
  • Material: STK500
  • W/ Hot Dip Galv.
  • Length:
Level Diagonal To restrict the scaffold in a foursquare(90° at each angle), excellent steadiness for high shoring.
  • Length: 1.5m×1.5m;1.8m×1.5m;1.8m×1.8m;2.4m×1.5m
  • Pipe: Φ48.6mm×t:2.3mm

This British Standard is the official English language version of EN 12810-1:2003. It supersedes BS 1139-5:1990 which is withdrawn. Therefore, EN 12810-1: 2003 has replaced the BS 1139-5. If you are still looking for BS certified products, our EN certificate also meets your requirement.

  • ISO-9001
  • EN 12810-1
  • ANSI/ASSE A10.8
Test Report
  • Material Certification
  • Magnetic Particle Test
  • Loading and Tension Test
  • Third Party Professional Lab

Why Choose SUCOOT Shoring Scaffold Service?

  1. Our superior system technology for your construction projects.
  2. SUCOOT obtains ISO 9001, EN 12810-1, and ANSI/ASSE A10.8 certification, ensuring consistent product quality and meeting high standards in the world.
  3. SUCOOT's shoring and scaffolding offer a solid foundation with a stable structure from the base upward.
  4. If your project demands versatility, SUCOOT's adaptable components can be used not only for heavy-duty propping but also for facade application or general scaffolding.
  5. If ease of assembly and disassembly is a priority, SUCOOT's logical assembly sequence and exact height adjustment, which are type-tested, will facilitate the process.
  6. If safety is your concern, SUCOOT's wedge and ring lock connection provides certainty and security.
  7. If your project requires scaffolding capable of supporting substantial loads, SUCOOT's shoring towers can handle safety load 8tf (80kN) per leg, augmented product “Super Modular Shore” can handle safety load 30tf (300kN) per cluster prop.