Formwork Water Stopper

SUCOOT is a formwork tie rod water stoppers supplier in Taiwan. Here, you can find a formwork water stop suitable for your tie rod system.

SUCOOT brand of tie rod water stoppers is an essential concrete formwork accessory. Our tie rod water stoppers are made of JIS FCD500 Ductile Iron Casting and have been sold a lot to Europe with a high appraisal. With ISO 9001-certified foundry and strict quality control, the maximum load of 18 tons (Min.), waterproof 7kg/cm2, and concentricity can be assured.


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This ensures efficient waterproofing and effectively prevents water seepage. As a critical component in the construction process, our formwork water stoppers play a key role in shaping and supporting concrete until it gains the necessary strength to stand independently. The compatible Green Adaptor, Sealer Plug, and Plug in Cone are also available. With plastic tubes, the tie rods can be removed for reuse after pouring concrete.

We offer a variety of sizes to accommodate different formwork tie rod diameters (10mm, 17mm, 23mm), and threaded types (Ball Screw, D Thread). Additionally, we provide customized solutions to meet the specific requirements of your concrete tie rod system.

When your construction projects demand a reliable and waterproof formwork solution, choose SUCOOT's tie rod water stoppers to achieve good efficiency, and waterproofing, and ensure the safety of your concrete structures. Choose SUCOOT for comprehensive formwork solutions. Please contact us ASAP!