Tainan Urban District Railway Underground Project

A segment of 8.23-kilometer-long railway tracks in Tainan is scheduled to be relocated underground and to convert the existing Tainan Train Station to underground. According to the Railway Bureau’s plan, construction, launched in 2018, should be completed in 2022.

The plan was to integrate the halves together since the original tracks divided the city into two halves. When the project completed, it will see the elimination of 23 railway level crossings points. This includes nine level crossing roads, eight subways, two railway bridge box culverts, and four pedestrian overpasses, thus greatly facilitate the improvement of Tainan City's transport.

C214 include 3.215km Cut-and-Cover tunnel, Sucoot Single-sided Wall Formwork is capable to form for SCC concrete up to 5.2m height, cycle time of this wall form is only 3~4 days, with 4 works plus 1folklift. Where traditional formwork can only reach to 3.6m and requires separate level pouring which cost even more working hours and risk.

Sucoot System Formwork allows the worker who anticipated in construction to stay on the ground through the entire project, hence minimized the risk of falling.