Jiangdong Ave., underground box culver

A client that demands the whole culvert must pour together to avoid leaking risk plus the work must without tie rods. The project was awfully behind schedule, needed urgently a solution a speed-up the project.

ProjectHaikou City Jiangdong Ave., underground box culvert
Location: Haikou City, China
The First Engineering Co., LTD of CTCE Group

The Chinese Government declares new serial underground box culvert infrastructure start from 2015. To avoid consistently damage the road and block traffic, the plan is to build underground box culvert over 389 kilometers, contain electricity, communications, gas, water supply, sewage pipelines.

Haikou city is one of the ten pilot cities to start the structure. The goal was to build a total length of 43.24 kilo underground culvert within 3 years. Among various box culvert methods such as traditional form type, TBM, etc., Sucoot was selected and participated in the cast-in-situ project. The client demands to build as the whole culvert as the wall and ceiling together plus without tie rods. As solution Sucoot provide Mobile Formwork System, mainly it’s the combination of Top Beam, Base Beam, and Ring System Scaffolding. It can be easily down mold, demolding and move away by man push on the wheel.

According to real site analysis if 20-meter standard segment, compared to traditional formwork system, Sucoot save 33% time, 40% human cost, 25% machine cost.
Material System:

#Ø60.2mm Shoring(Heavy Duty)
#Formwork Top Beam& Base Beam
#Slab form
#Wall form
#mobile box culvert formwork